Our New Parent Board 2017- 2018


Father Gary Bradley, Rector of the Church of Our Savior, CEO of A Child's Garden School


Melissa Montoya, President of Parent Board 2017- 2018.


Christine Carrillo- Vincent, Vice- President


Kari Inda, Secretary


Brent Bilvado, Board Member


Bill Brock, Board Member, leader of the Dad Squad


Vicky Wong, board member


Ward Robinson, board member


Kristin Yoshima, teacher liasion


Evie Escatiola, Director of A Child's Garden School


Rose Sevigyan, Assoicate Director of A Child's Garden School

Juli Kennedy, Vestry Member

Welcome Message from Our New Parent Board President


Hello! My name is Melissa Montoya and I am the Parent Advisory Board President for the 2017-2018 school year. This is my third year serving on the Board and first year as President. My oldest child recently graduated after three great years at A
Child’s Garden School. He started in Tiny Twos in diapers and left a curious and creative 5 year old who loves school and learning. Now my youngest is off to Tiny Twos and I’m so excited for him to experience the wonders of our lovely little school.

Searching and selecting a preschool for your child is no easy task. We all want to find the right place for our children, a place that is safe, nurturing and where they will receive a quality education. There are several things that make A Child’s Garden School special: the gorgeous and spacious outdoor spaces where children can explore and play, the Secret Garden where children tend and pick veggies to use for cooking, the weekly chapel visits, the extracurricular classes offered that include Spanish, Dance, Science, Cooking and Art and last but not least the amazing teaching staff!

Another reason ACGS is so wonderful is because of parent and family participation. Since we are a non-profit we rely on donations and parent volunteers so we can offer the education that we do at a competitive price. We have several fundraisers throughout the year and the money from these go towards school improvements, purchasing supplies for the classrooms, and teacher bonuses.

The Parent Board consists of parent volunteers who meet to discuss and plan fundraising and events at our school. We assist the Rector and Director with all aspects of the school and are a resource to parents if they have any questions or feedback. Chairs and Committee members also play a vital role in making sure we have the support we need.

If you would like to get involved in volunteering or fundraising please let us know! It’s a terrific way to meet other parents and help support ACGS.